Calais Corona Dunkerque & Grande-Synthe

We are refugees among a lot of viruses

by Nabaz Sharif (Northern France)

We are refugees among a lot of viruses…
We refugees need to take asylum for which virus? And we need to fear fear which virus?
In our country after the scenario of the liberation of Iraq and during the 20 years after Saddam Hussein’s rule, the number of viruses has increased,
and every day a new virus is created; each one of them coming with the a new different name.
No one cares and nobody cries for us
when men and women and children die alone in streets of the virus of hunger and of the virus of killing freedom and of the ISIS virus and of the government virus and of the virus of being enslaved…
Now that we weren’t able to fight there, we escaped.
We played with our lives and we arrived in a land of freedom and with the name of equality and humanity, 
we took a refugee name for get protected against that viruses we had.
So now I speak in the jungle of Calais and Dunkirk. Does anyone hear my voice?
Is there anyone here?
Who is aware, within that situation and in this country full of humanity, there are people who are infected with the virus of hunger from under the tents?
Who sleep with their own dream.
Who cares and feels?
That is the problem. The viruses stop always the breath and kills step by step.
But did you know that?
Sometimes the corona virus tastes better than being beaten up by the police and insulted and kill humans in humanity’s name?
Is it humanity they are talking about?
Was it just for European people or for all humans in the world?
I mean they say on their TV with beautiful songs and a soft music and nice words – stay home protect yourself! 
But what about us who have neither TV nor home?
They are say wash your hands with soap and water! 
What about us having really unhealthy water to wash our hands?
They say you need to use a traffic paper to get out of the house and you will be punished if you don’t use it?
Tell me: which paper do we use to print it without electricity and pc and money to respect the French law?
Thus we are refugees: how we have to do to fight with all these virus around us.
Because of this I say: we have to take a last rivet to a virus coffin.

Nabaz Sharif (Northern France)