Calais Corona Dunkerque & Grande-Synthe

Fragen aus Calais

Mit dem Ausbruch der Covid-19-Pandemie setzten Diskussionen und Spekulationen über eine mögliche Räumung des Jungle von Calais und der übrigen Camps ein. In diesem Kontext wurde Freitag, der 27. März, als ein möglicher Zeitpunkt genannt. Angesichts dieser Unsicherheit (und vor dem Hintergrund früherer Erfahrungen mit Räumungen, insbesondere der Räumung des größten Jungle im Oktober 2016) veröffentlichte die Hilfsorganisation Care4Calais eine Reihe akuter Fragen:

It has been announced that refugees in Calais and Dunkirk will be moved to ‚containment centres‘ somewhere in Pas de Calais region, possibly as soon as Friday. Although there is a clear and very urgent need for improved living conditions, this announcement raises some serious concerns:
* Will the move be forcible or will people be given a choice?
* Without the independent oversight of charities and associations how will people’s rights be protected and their safety ensured?
* When the Calais camp was cleared in Oct 2016 the operation was put together quickly and some of the places people were sent to were highly inappropriate – some with no food for days, no beds, no access at all to medical care etc. With just two days to prepare how can this be avoided?
* Previous clearances in Calais and Dunkirk, including the one in Oct 2016, left some people behind and others quickly returned – what will happen to these people?
* What measures are being put in place to protect children?
* What is the legal framework for this action?